Thank You: More Like No Thank You

Nick Laezza, Guest Writer

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Thank You? More like No Thank You. Meghan Trainor takes the try hard approach on her new album, but for what? Aside from the few bops that she serves on the bookends of the album, no one is going to be giving thanks to the “All About That Bass” singer for this new project.

When I tell you I was hyped for Trainor’s new album after hearing her first single, “No,” I would be understating my excitement. She released a BOP that was reminiscent of early 2000s Britney Spears, as the song sounded like, “Overprotected,” off of Britney’s self titled album. I was so excited to see that she was bringing back a sound that, in my opinion, was way too short lived, and I was hopeful that she was about to serve an album full of bops of this caliber. After listening to the album, I was disappointed to find that she did not pull through on what I hoped she would do with her second LP.

The first track off the album, “Watch Me Do,” is ok. To me, it sounds more like a cute song to be placed in the second half of the album, and definitely not the opening track. Track two off the album is the second single, and it titled, “Me Too.” It is a try hard empowerment song that doesn’t do much empowering. It is very generic, but I can see why she chose it as a single. The breakdown after the chorus does go in a bit though. Track four, “Better,” I will say, is on one of the better tracks off the album. It has an island vibe which seems to be the new trend in music (Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” Rihanna’s “Work,” Beyoncé’s “Hold Up”). Though following trends is not the best thing to do for creativity’s sake, I guess it is a bop of sorts.

Things start to go downhill from here. “Hopeless Romantic” is one of the most generic ballads I have ever heard and it also doesn’t show much artistic growth from Ms. Trainor, as it sounds like it could have been on her last album. “I Love Me,” features LunchMoney Lewis, who apparently only features on songs that are overwhelmingly annoying, as all his songs have the same irritating instrumental and now he is bringing Trainor down with him. Track seven, “Kindly Calm Me Down,” was originally offered to Christina Aguilera, and maybe she should have kept it, because Aguilera’s vocals would have suited this power ballad much more than Trainor’s. “Women Up” is a generic, boring, slightly annoying, women empowerment song. “I Won’t Let You Down” is ok, one of the better songs on the album, though that is not saying much. I guess it could be a nice song to listen to with the windows down on a summer day. Meghan… what is “Dance Like Yo Daddy?” Why would you want anyone to dance like their father? The instrumental is like… so tragic too. Not a great song honey. Yikes. She ends on a semi high note with “Champagne Problems.” The beat kind of knocks and the lyrics are passable.

I hope this album was not the best Meghan Trainor has in store. After the first single, “No,” I think she should just end this tragic era and start from scratch. Go find yourself Meghan!


Highlights: “No,” “Better”

Lowlights: “I Love Me,” “Woman Up,” “Dance Like Yo Daddy”

Overall: 2.5/5