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Why Everyone Should Learn To Code

Arvind Pillai, Staff Writer

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The world is in a Digitized Era; old technologies continue to be improved upon and new technologies sprout up day-to-day. We as Pingree students are also part of this evolving wave of modernization, and when we grow up, we will find ourselves at the front seats. All of us are trying, one way or another, to embrace this new age. And in my opinion, one of the best ways to go with this flow? Learn to code.

Coding is an essential skill that everyone should at least try to take up, because there are more benefits then there are losses. In fact, there is only one loss; a few hours of your free time. Coding paves a way to many real-world opportunities, whether you want to create a simple website to keep your stuff in one place, or all the way to getting a job as a full-stack developer.  Plus, to all of you prospectives out there, being good at coding can help your college application, especially if you use it to try to better the world or the community you are in. Many classrooms around the world are incorporating coding into the core curriculum, so kids of all ages are ready to jump right into it.   

Coding is the framework of the internet; without it, you would not be able to visit your favorite websites, watch videos on Netflix or YouTube, or even view this article. You can use coding to create your own website, and with the right tools and knowledge you could use this website to better the world in some way. You can also create games with coding, which you can share with others. I personally use coding to create forms of entertainment.

Coding can be very helpful for your future. Full-stack developers need to know a lot of coding “languages” in order to be successful, but all you need to know is one or two to create. These languages are versatile, and can be used to not only code computers, but also to improve other electronics such as phones and consoles.The developers create the very devices as we know them, and because of this they are often respected and paid well. Some well-known (and well-paid) coders include Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Ada Lovelace, and Markuss Persson.

If you are interested in coding yourself, there are plenty of resources to get you started. Codecademy, an uprising company, offers many language courses, such as JavaScript and Python, for free. Khan Academy, a well-known online resource, also offers certain languages, and has an introductory program, called the “Hour of Code”, to help you dip your feet into Java. Once you have learned a language, offline code editors such as “Notepad ++” and “Sublime Text 2” allow you to create and run programs right on your system. If you use an Apple computer, there is software to code iOS apps as well, which can be useful if you want to create something mobile. In the end, with all of these free resources and benefits, there is only one question left: What is there to lose?

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Why Everyone Should Learn To Code