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If you’ve stayed at Pingree after classes have ended and found your stomach to be empty and your wallet full you most likely have pondered one question: “where to get food?” For many at Pingree, the choice is between Daniella’s and Hamilton House of Pizza, the two local suppliers of pizza and pizza accessories. The two have many similarities. Both are quite close in proximity to Pingree and both serve the same niche as caterers to Pingree. But if someone had to choose which is better, they would need to have the facts laid out before them. Then, they would also need to take into account the experiences of others to influence their decision. This article hopes to at least provide the reader with these two factors.


Firstly, presentation: how do these locations carry themselves? The website for Hamilton House’s website has a new, easy to access look. The menu is organized and is easy to read. Conversely, the website for Daniella’s Pizza is simply one long page which contains both contact information and the menu. It’s simple, but not lacking in utility.


In terms of pricing, it’s a close race. If you want a large cheese pizza, expect a price of $10.25 at Daniella’s and a price of $10.50 at Hamilton House. If you want some mozzarella sticks, get ready to pay $6.25 from Hamilton House and $4.95 from Daniella’s. Lastly, pasta. Ziti with 4 meatballs will run you $9.65 from Daniella’s and $8.00 from Hamilton House. If you were to purchase all items you would only cost $24.75 from Hamilton House and $24.85 from Daniella’s. It’s a very small margin, less than a dollar. However, price isn’t everything. The reason people eat food, aside from staving off starvation, is to experience a fine tasting meal. So the question is: how do these two establishments stack up?


With regards to the main course, the pizza, the author was once again faced with a close race. While both are cooked on the crispy side, Daniella’s offers a slice with a bit more “artisanal” feel. Now this does not mean the pizza is the tiny, hipstery kind found in countless cities across the world. Then there is the pizza of Hamilton House. The pizza at Hamilton House is more typical for many small-town pizza joints across the United States. The crust is generally a bit less cooked and the general taste has a wider appeal. Next, the mozzarella sticks: a favorite of the author. Daniella’s style of mozzarella sticks is cooked soft, having a greasy, fluid texture and taste. On the other hand, the mozzarella sticks of Hamilton House have a nice solid, flakey texture that contains well-cooked cheese within. The author’s only complaint regarding the sticks from Hamilton House is that they sometimes shoot out hot water. This is only a small problem, however, and really only appears when the sticks are fresh out of the frier. Lastly, we turn to the pasta category. The ziti with meatballs from Hamilton House is quite nice in general. The pasta still retains its heat after delivery, and even though the sauce looks a small bit coagulated, the taste is preserved completely. Additionally, while the meatballs are not at the level of quality of high-class restaurants, they still are well above the fast-food meatball found in places like Subway. Daniella’s, on the other hand, offers a ziti with meatballs dish that is different from Hamilton House. Both the pasta and meatballs are comparatively dry, but the pasta at least looks more appetizing than Hamilton House. Despite the dryness, the pasta was still hot on delivery and most assuredly appealing to some customers. Both establishments also supply a light salad with bread as a free side, so there’s that.
The choice of pizza can lead to a contentious argument among friend groups, however it turns out that both pizza joints have their merits.

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