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This May, Love April

Colette Combs, Staff Writer

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If you are into drama, romance, and ~edgy~ comedy, then the upcoming Flying Horse production is for you. Flying Horse is Pingree’s student run and directed spring performing arts program. This is only the second year of Pingree’s Flying Horse Program, so the cast is composed of a great mix of newcomers and alums. This years cast and crew include 9 students: Izzy Ferrazza ’20, Demi Wack ’20, Cameron Moore ’19, Esdras Javier ’18, Lydia McGinn ’18, Drew Murdock ’17, Chris Cheung ’17, Emily Whalen ’17, and Leorah Wood ’17. This group of people are passionate about acting and have created strong and long lasting bonds with each other. We sat down with four members to get an inside scoop of what is currently going on during the play practices for flying horse.

This year, the production has been run by three seniors: Drew Murdock, Emily Whalen, and Leorah Wood. Co-written by Whalen and Moore, the play, “Love April” portrays the real-life situation of a teen breakup, and the worst part? The breakup happens over text. We had the opportunity to talk to Whalen and Moore about the writing process and get some exclusive sneak peeks of what to expect when seeing the play. Moore says that the writing “was a bonding experience. It was just me and her [Whalen] bangin’ out this play,” Moore goes on to add, “I am actually really proud of the script and where it ended up.” Whalen adds on that, “we’re definitely growing in the program… and the great thing about it is that this is our thing, and this is usually how a play is run in the real world.”

Something that clearly sets Flying Horse apart from Pingree’s other productions is that everything, such as writing, set design, character work, blocking, tech, is left up to the complete discretion on the students involved. For many of those who we talked to, this independence is one of the things that makes them excited about their project. Javier, a junior who is new to the cast this year, commented, “it’s such a rejuvenating opportunity to be able to talk to students and collaborate with students to create your own piece of work and see it on stage, something you created in your own mind.” In fact, for Javier, “the best part is being about to create the character [he] was cast as.” Through these interviews, it became evident that the student directors were not the only ones putting hard work into making the characters of “Love April” feel real on stage. Javier continued to speak on how he and the rest of the cast helped to create and add to the play; “we did character boards were we mapped out and put pictures using certain color.”

These character boards helped tech member Ferrazza work with the cast in creating character costume designs. While managing a lot of jobs on the technical side of things, Ferrazza says that, “It has been really great because all of the cast members help out too.”

With the combine creative energies of nine amazing students, this year’s Flying Horse production promises to be unforgettable. “Tea will be spilled” jokes Esdras, “and if that doesn’t make you want to come out to learn more, I don’t know what will.” Be sure to support the Pingree performing arts program by attending one or both of “Love April’s” shows May 12th at 5:30 and May 13th at 7. Make sure to check out @flyinghorseproductions on Instagram to keep up with updates and news from the Flying Horse cast and crew!

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This May, Love April