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Give it up for Pingree

Hannah Willson, Editor-in-Chief

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The Pingree advancement team held its second annual Giving Day on Apr. 20. The week challenged members of the Pingree community and Pingree alumni to give back. The advancement team first championed Giving Day in 2016. The event was modelled after similar days held by colleges. The advancement team first selected about 80 alumni from a variety of classes to publicize the day. Each alumni was provided with a Pingree sign and a Giving Day tee shirt and instructed to post on some form of social media. For instance, alumna Betty Louis ’16 posted about Giving Day on her instagram account. Other alumni discussed Giving Day on media sources such as Facebook and Twitter.

During the first annual Giving Day, the greater Pingree community raised $28,000, with gifts ranging between $2500 and $2. 13% of alumni participated last year, including a large number of alumni in college. The majority of money received came from classes between 2000 and 2015.Mrs. Mathey, Director of the Annual Fund and Parent Relations explained that these classes increasingly use social media, so they had more access to information about Giving Day. The class of 2009, including Dean of Students Mr. Williamson, donated the most in 2016, followed by the class of 2008, including Spanish teacher Ms. Perez. This year alumni participation rose to 20% and a total of 500 alumni donated. This year, with bragging rights up for grabs, the classes engaged in a competition to see which class could muster the most donations. The main contenders were initially the class of 2008 and the class of 2009, however, the class of 2016 ‘won’ likely as a result of their prominence on social media.

Pingree seniors were also central participants in Giving Day. The advancement office works with seniors for one week prior to giving day, reminding them to thank Pingree through a small donation. During Giving Week members of the advancement team relocated themselves to the senior area, and selected enthusiastic seniors to recruit donations from their classmates. In the past two years, both senior classes have had full participation on Giving Day. The senior classes typically have donated about $500 in total, with student donations ranging from $5 to $20. Senior Bailey Regan ’17 explained her excitement for the day, sharing, “I think that giving week at Pingree is especially important because it’s emphasizes that we are a community.” Ruby Lake ‘17 described Senior giving as a “right of passage” in each student’s Pingree career, suggesting that it symbolizes seniors moving on from Pingree. She also suggested that giving is important as seniors because it makes donating and continued involvement with the Pingree community a habit. The donations are also one of the senior’s first steps into the wider alumni community. Following the donation period, seniors will be introduced into the Alumni Association and some of them may even work to support the advancement staff on Giving Day next year.

Mathey elaborated on the day’s significance within the greater Pingree community, stressing how it can spark renewed highlander pride : “I think the energy of the day is really special. It’s about feeling pride to be an alum.”

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