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David Price and Serena Williams

Katie Carrigan, Sports Editor

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On April 1, David Price, the pitcher for the Red Sox got an elbow injury in a game. He isn’t sure whether or not he has to have surgery, but is going to slow down his throwing program in the next week to compensate for the sore elbow. If his injury doesn’t heal soon, there is a definite possibility that he could be sidelined throughout May.

At the beginning of March, Price heard the good news from his doctor that he would only need treatment and medication for his throwing elbow, which had been hurting him for a while. However, even with medication, his progress took a turn for the worse later in the month, to the point where the Red Sox said that he was “almost back to square one.” Price hurt his elbow once again at the beginning of April, but has fortunately gotten much stronger now that he has had a month to build back his strength. Lately, he has been getting back on his feet, and was reevaluated on Monday, April 24.

The Boston Red Sox are currently placed in 3rd in the American League East, with 13 pennants and 8 World Championships under their belts. The World Series is still five months away on October 25, and we are all hoping that Price won’t have any other injuries between now and then.


Serena Williams, the greatest athlete of all time, has recently announced that she is pregnant. Many pundits are wondering if this milestone will end her career, or if she will continue playing at such a high level. Williams is the oldest woman to be a Grand Slam champion and has paved new grounds as a black woman in a predominantly white sport. She has fought through many hardships including a pulmonary embolism which could have easily ended her career, or even her life, but she bounced back and has continued to win. Very recently, on January 16, Williams won the Australian Open while 5 weeks pregnant. Although it would take a fair amount of time for Williams to get back in the saddle after having a baby, many are hoping that she decides to keep playing.

Some have compared Williams’ situation to Kim Clijsters, who won the US Open in 2009 and 2010, as well as the Australian Open in 2011 after giving birth to a daughter in 2008. Clijsters kept playing at an incredibly high level after becoming a mother, and most are hoping that Williams will follow suit. However, some believe that Williams should retire and focus her life on her child instead of going back into tennis when she is already considered fairly old in the tennis world. Most players retire when they are around 30, but Williams is 35 and is still at her peak. There are some health risks that have to do with playing too soon after birth, and many doctors say that it takes around a year to get back into pre-pregnancy shape. Although some do not think that Serena will come back with the same strength, speed, and power that she had before, when considering the challenges she has faced, there is no doubt that she can achieve more victories if she so chooses. Last week, a spokesperson for Williams made it abundantly clear that the tennis superstar intends to return to play by the start of the 2018 season.

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David Price and Serena Williams