Yes, Dance Is A Sport


Alexa Goldstein, Guest Writer

Many people consider dance to be more of an art than a sport, but that is simply not the case. Ask any dancer. First of all, everything awesome about a dance performance, and even everything that is not awesome, takes an insane amount of strength, control, focus, and flexibility. Go and take a ballet class. I bet you will feel muscles you did not even know you had. Even standing in first position (heels touching, toes pointing out) can be a workout. If you don’t believe me, then try it. Place your arms so that it looks like you are holding a really heavy box. Then, tighten all the muscles in your arms so that if someone tried to push on them, they would not move. Try to hold your arms in place from your back by pushing your shoulders down and backward as far as you can. Now, try to flatten your back by tightening your core (ab muscles). Now, try rotating your thighs and squeezing your legs together. However, do not tighten the big thigh muscles – try to only use the smaller muscles in your inner thigh. On top of all that, lift your chin, in an attempt to seem three inches taller than you really are, and make it all look easy! Smile! Don’t forget to pull your shoulders back. Not only are dancers thinking about all of those things during every step, much more gets added to the to-do list when you are trying to do a leap or a turn.

Dance is also a sport because, as with any team sport, there are dance competitions. Everyone is given a grade, and people get first, second, and third place for different categories based on the points earned. True, it is not quite the same as the score teams receive after a game, match, or meet, but it is still a competition. Each team (or each dance) gets a number, and whoever has the highest number wins.

Still skeptical? Try a class and see for yourself. The Pingree Dance Team would love to have you!