PVFH Dominates EIL

Jackie Elward, Guest writer

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With just three regular season games left, the 8-0 (in-league) and 9-4 (overall) 2017 Pingree Varsity Field Hockey team continues to work hard to close out the season in preparation for the EIL tournament in November. Players are pumped and ready to play their best.

The Eastern Independent League (EIL) consists of 11 prep schools in New England, which are as follows: Bancroft, Beaver, Berwick, Concord, Dana Hall, Landmark, Lexington Christian, Newton, Portsmouth Abbey, Winsor, and Pingree.  This will be the competition that Jen Richardson, Mary Brayer and the varsity field hockey squad will encounter on November 11th. PVFH has won the EIL’s during the following seasons: 1986, 1988, 1993, 2001, 2004, 2006, and 2012, which tallies up to seven championships. The Highlanders are determined to make the count eight.

NCP: What has lead to your team’s strong performance during the season?

COACH JEN: Our success began before preseason with the team’s dedication to preseason training, camp, and summer league. We came into the season ready to play and committed to the season. The players have committed themselves to the season and working hard to achieve goals. We are more confident as a team and developed trust on the field. We have a lot of depth on our team and can work in various formations with versatile players in different positions. The team has bonded off the field and spending quality time getting to know one another which has led to increase trust with one another on the field. We have been able to tackle and execute new strategies and advance our level of play.

NCP: What have your players improved on most from the beginning of the season?

COACH JEN: At the beginning of the season, we were very reactive players and would utilize our skill sets to move the ball and create offense. However, over the last few weeks, we have been able to spread out the field, move the ball with purpose and create more passing patterns to create our offense. We have begun to think ahead of the play and improve our team approach to offense. Defensively, we have increased on our field communication and organization. We are confidently stepping to the ball and creating transition. We are poised and have an organized way of clearing the ball, marking our players and counter attacking. Our goalies have been aggressive, hard working and have stepped up to organize the defense.

NCP: What are the keys to success for your team to advance far into the EIL tournament?

COACH JEN: We have found confidence within the league play, and every game we work hard to maintain our dedication to our goals. We respect every game and opponent, and we prepare accordingly. In the second half of the season we look to establish ourselves as a strong team, not only within the EIL but also in class C. Our success will be based on the team’s dedication to continue to work together, confidence, and willingness to never give up. Learning how to fight through early disappointment and find grit to continue to strive till the last whistle will be important measures of our team’s ability .

The Newspaper writers and editors wish the team good luck finishing up the season and in the EILS!



10/28, Saturday Dexter Southfield (non-league) AWAY 12:00 PM START
11/1, Wednesday Concord Academy AWAY 3:30 PM START
11/3, Friday Newton Country Day AWAY 3:30 PM START


Pictured above, Pingree Varsity Field Hockey 2017


8-0 9-4


Pingree Varsity Field Hockey Roster    #
Shannon Conte #00
Elise Costello #1
Minna Cohen #2
Maeve Murphy #5
Alana Richardson #7
Gen Rubin #8
Ellie Sandt #10
Maddie Mullaney #11
Katelyn Clarke #12
Kendall Traveis #13
Elizabeth Stark (captain) #15
Kate Lucy #17
Addy Fenton #20
Sophie Shuman #21
Eve Yoken (captain) #22
Erin Jayne #23
Izzy DiAdamo #32