How Tough Will The Turf Be?


Juliana Fernandez, Writer

As many await the much desired, state of the art turf field addition to the Pingree School Campus, I was able to get more insight on one of Pingree’s newest, and biggest projects. Dr. Johnson and I met to discuss the process that led to this groundbreaking new field and uncover the generosity of those who made this project possible.

For starters, the fundraising for the new Pingree field took only about a year and was all graciously donated by those who envisioned something greater for Pingree. Many schools and many colleges all have a turf field, so it only made sense to give the Pingree students the same experience. When asked about how excited he was for the new field, Dr. Johnson replies, “Very excited, primarily because it will be a rallying point for the community. Imagine games under the lights with students, parents, colleagues, and alumni. This is an important outdoor classroom for our student athletes. Also, when we are confronted with snow and rain, which happens frequently, this field will be invaluable to sustaining practices and games.”

As many of our students know the feeling of rescheduling games out on the field due to weather, Kenneth Offner, a junior, says, “We always had to reschedule early home games because of snow or even rain. The Turfyness will inspire people.” The similar but strong feelings of gratitude are exemplified throughout the school, especially from the board of trustees. Dr. Johnson states, “This was on a facility priority list of things that we wanted to get done. The board of trustees, Mr. Burns, Mr. Jones, and the entire athletics department were involved in the planning. They interviewed contractors with plans as advancement raised money.” Surely the field will benefit all our students, but it was all thanks to the involvement and dedication of our faculty.

After multiple days of heavy snow, the field’s timeline was shifted. Dr. Johnson expresses, “Yes, we are a few weeks behind now. We were ahead but the recent snow storms have set us back. Hoping to have the field completed by late May.” Although the completion of the field won’t occur until after the end seasonal sports, there is hope that the Pingree students and seniors will get at least one good use before the end of the school year.