Blueberries. Cervical Cancer Cure?


Genesis Galdamez, Staff Writer

Blueberries. A superfood. Could they be a cure for cervical cancer? Researchers and doctors have begun to agree. Cervical cancer is a rare disease that makes a tumor grow in the uterus. In United States alone, 12,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer.  According to researchers, radiotherapy decreases the cancer cells down 20%. Adding blueberry extract can decrease cancer cells down another 25%. If blueberry extract and radiotherapy are used together, about 70% of cancer cells are extracted. Not only can blueberries reduce cancer cells, but they might also stop cancer cells from growing. Why does this happen? According to researchers, blueberries have something in them called resveratrol, which is a radiosensitizer. A radiosensitizer is a drug that is used to make cancer cells sensitive to the radiotherapy. However, researchers don’t know if it’s just the radiosensitizer found in the blueberries that is causing the extraction of cancer cells, or if it’s other chemicals in blueberries like flavonoids, a chemical with antioxidants, that is causing this.

To produce the best effect,  academic pathologist Yujiang Fang says that patients should eat blueberries before doing the radiotherapy, and after the radiotherapy. Not only can patients with cervical cancer eat blueberries, but also people that are suffering from other cancers. Fang also recommends that people suffering from cancer should eat blueberries even if they don’t have a radiotherapy appointment. In fact, eating blueberries can be safer than having radiotherapy because in some cases, radiotherapy has killed healthy cells. Fortunately, eating blueberries does not kill healthy cells. Because Fang believes the small research he has is hopeful, Fang hopes he can continue his research on animals. He wants to do clinical trials, and get an approval from the FDA. Fang has a lot of faith that the FDA will approve. For now, Fang, and the community, has to wait.  

Blueberries, in general, are good for humans because they have have a lot of vitamins. Blueberries are affordable, and they can be found around the world.  This means that people suffering from cancer don’t have to worry about where to find blueberries.They are recommended to eat if someone is on a diet, and can reduce heart attacks, as well as Alzheimer’s.  There is another fruit that almost has a similar effect to blueberries when it comes to curing cancer. Red grapes helps decrease the cancer cells in prostate cancer and in melanoma, a skin cancer, because minerals that work as radiosensitizers are found in red grapes. Even red wine can  reduce cancer cells. Although blueberries, and red grapes did not immediately cure someone’s cancer, these two fruits taught researchers that radiosensitizers can be found in other fruits and vegetables. These two fruits gives everyone hope that there may be a cure for any type of cancer, and other diseases.