Queen of Rap?

Queen of Rap?

Domenic Garofalo, Staff Writer

On April 12th, Nicki Minaj released two songs called “Barbie Tingz” and “Chun-Li.” As a die-hard Nicki Minaj fan, I was not impressed whatsoever. While these songs had great beats, they were not her best work. I was also disappointed because Nicki has been teasing her fans with an album release for over a year, so to receive these two songs that were sub-par was underwhelming. These songs will appear on the album, which makes me nervous about how the rest of the album will be, but there is hope. Another song that is supposedly going to be on the album, “Half Back,” was accidentally leaked by a Russian streaming service and was quickly taken down. I am going to use my Nicki Minaj expertise to go into great detail about each of these songs.

The first song I listened to was “Barbie Tingz” and not only did it give me a 2012 Nicki Minaj kind-of-too-insane vibe, the chorus also made me confused on why it has taken her four years to create this song. The chorus was just Nicki repeating, “Barbie Tingz that’s Barbie Tingz,” when I know she is capable of making a better chorus, as she is a lyrical genius. Although the chorus seems to be lacking substance, most of the lyrics throughout the song do show her strength as a lyricist. While this song has a good beat, which seems like an ode to “Itty Bitty Piggy” from one of her mixtapes before she was signed to Young Money, there is this weird noise that she used throughout the song is like nothing I have heard before, and I really do not think it belongs in this song because it seems out of place and added after the fact. Overall, “Barbie Tingz” is not one of Nicki’s best songs, but it is worth a listen if you are a die-hard Nicki fan. “Barbie Tingz” is a song that you will despise after the first few listens, but you may find yourself listening to it given the repetitive and catchy beat; this definitely happened to me. My rating of this song is a six out of ten, given its catchy beat and some good lyrics, but some points have been deducted due to the awful chorus and the amount of times I had to listen to the song before I actually enjoyed it.

The next song I listened to, “Chun-Li,” also had a very catchy beat, but lacked substance in the lyrics and also did not offer an enjoyable experience throughout the whole song. The setup of the song seemed experimental, with a pause in the rapping where Nikki spoke, telling the listener how we, “need rappers like me [Nicki].” While the confidence in this moment in the song is applaudable, I think that it takes away from the beat and fluidity of the song, making it choppy and ultimately harmful to the catchiness of the song. To add on, the end of the song offers this weird bit where Nicki starts to, at first, whisper and then starts singing with way too much autotune so it does not even sound like her singing. For a song that has been so hyped up, and made to seem like the better of the two releases, it had me and my friends confused while we listened to it. This song has sort-of become a joke between me and my friends for its lack of substance and its laughable lyrics. Again, this song will grow on you only if you’re as obsessed with Nicki as I am. This song gets a rating of four out of ten.

Since the song has been deleted from every pirated MP3 service on the internet, I have not had a chance to hear the entirety of  “Half Back,” but from the snippets I have heard on Instagram and Youtube, this song is sure to be a success for the album. Boasting a catchy beat, great lyrics with substance, and the overall “I-am-the-queen-of-rap” tone is sure to be a hit for both die-hard Nicki fans and people who just listen to JAMN 94.5 and KISS 108 alike. From the snippets I have heard, I rate this song a ten out of ten and I will definitely be blasting this song while on my way to school each and every day once the album is out. The release date is still unknown, but even with the two disappointing songs that have been released, I still believe this album will be her best album. I think that these songs were dropped so that Nicki could save the best songs for her album release, and really blow away everyone who listens. I am very excited for her next album and intend to keep readers updated after Nicki’s fourth studio album drop.