Summertime Fun?

Genesis Galdamez, Staff Writer

Summer homework is something that majority of students hate. It is normal to hate summer homework. After all, summer is a time to have fun, not to stress over school related stuff. In things that we find boring, it is hard to find the good in it. Yet, why do some teachers love giving summer homework? In the past, I have heard that the reason teachers give summer homework is because it makes it easier to teach for them to teach their students. After students come back in the summer, students have already covered some material because of assigned summer work. Some teachers say that the reason they give summer homework is to get an idea of how much students already know. How can summer homework benefit us as students? Believe it or not, some students actually find summer homework helpful. It gives students an idea in what they will be taught at the beginning of the school. If one already knows about a topic a teacher is going to teach, the student has a less chance of getting low grades. Besides, no one wants to start a year with a bad grade!

Learning outside the classrooms reminds us that learning is effective for our brains. When summer occurs, many forget everything that they have been taught in the previous years, thus coming back clueless. When we come back, we ask ourselves, why are we here? According to researchers if students are not offered any summer homework at all, forget almost everything they learned in math. For reading, however, it is different. Students of middle class socioeconomic background had a higher achievement. Students with a lower socioeconomic backgrounds went down in reading achievement. This is the reason why there is an 80% gap in reading achievement between students of different socioeconomic. Only 49% of high school students read recreationally. Even students whose primary language at home is English go down in reading achievement over the summer.

However, summer homework should not be overwhelming. If it is overwhelming, students would be spending more time in sitting down than being physically active. Not only is being physically active good for physical health, but it is also good for brain development. As mentioned before, summer homework is helpful to any students. Instead of think of how boring summer homework is, let’s think of how it helps instead of how annoying it might be.