Draft Wars

Hanna Walker, Guest Writer

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Two minutes and twenty two seconds. The New England Patriots were down 38-33 when they took the field and Pats fans were hoping that Tom Brady could pull off another game winning drive in the last two minutes of a critical game. A sixth super bowl ring was in sight for New England but Philadelphia’s defense decided to step up and Brandon Graham recorded a strip sack.

After the crushing Super Bowl loss New England Patriots fans are looking to the future for some positivity and stability. However, that method is not proving to be effective. Shortly after Super Bowl LII Rob Gronkowski hinted a possible retirement and Malcolm Butler expressed his distrust in the organization after what he claims to be an unfair benching. With both of these players being huge playmakers on the team many fans started to question the future of the team. There were also questions as to who would be the Offensive and Defensive Coordinators in the 2018 season. Most NFL fans expected both coordinators, Josh McDaniels (OC) and Matt Patricia (DC), to take head coaching jobs. Less than 24 hours after the Super Bowl the Detroit Lions announced that Patricia would be their new head coach and the Indianapolis Colts scheduled a press conference to announce their new head coach, Josh McDaniels. However, Josh McDaniels later surprised New England fans and decided to stay with the Pats after discussing the move with his family who did not want to leave New England.

Free agency did not help to calm as many nerves as people had hoped. The Pats lost many of their key players such as Nate Solder, Danny Amendola, Malcolm Butler and Dion Lewis. While these players decided to continue their careers elsewhere, the Patriots did do some work to help with an inconsistent defense with signings including Danny Shelton, Adrian Clayborn and Jason McCourty. The Pats also resigned some of their current players including Rex Burkhead and Matthew Slater. With all the roster and coaching changes happening it can be difficult to stay positive for next season, but fans are reminding themselves that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are still on New England’s side.