Local Labs at Pingree


Genesis Galdamez, Staff Writer

The Pingree Local Lab trips are an entertaining day where students get to have an educational experience outside of the classrooms. There were many options for students to choose from. Some students chose to go to museums like the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston,  some chose to hike, while others signed up for a Lab that helped them improve in a skill they already had, like playwriting. Many students chose to learn about a career, and some went to Massachusetts General Hospital, to spend the day in the Emergency Room, or while others chose something cultural, and took a walking tour of Chinatown. This year, I was in Playwriting for Local Labs. I will be honest, Playwriting wasn’t the first option that I put in my list for desired Local Labs. Even so, I enjoyed the Lab that I was in a lot. As someone who loves theater, I learned a lot about what many writers do in order to make the plays that I have been involved in, and we got to see plays written by high school students.

I believe that outside experiences are very important for a person’s education. Outside experiences help us be more open minded about the opinions of others because through many outside experiences, we meet people with different beliefs from us. This helps us have great discussions in subjects like History and English. Being outside of the classroom allows us to experience the natural part of our world, or the technological part of our world. In doing this, we can also find something to relate to in math and science. If one looks closely the outside world, you are surrounded by all these disciplines. Math and science have a history in how they began in the first place.  In order to understand history we need to have English as a class. Many of the things we know about history is because of first sources. First sources usually include but are not limited to, documents, diary entries, autobiography,etc. English class teach us to read between the lines. In this way, we can understand first sources better. As a person who prefers to be indoors, I did not think about the importance of each school subject, until I really focused on my outside experiences. The best tip that someone has ever given to me is that in order to have a better chance in succeeding in a class, I should find something to relate to for that class. Local Labs help us in doing that.

I already loved theater even before Local Lab. My trip, however, made me respect the people involved in theater as a career more. Local Labs and other forms of outdoor experiences can help us see the importance of things that we believed was unimportant. Those who prefer sports, might see the importance of art. Those who prefer art, might find the art in sports. Outside experiences are scientifically proven to have many benefits on a person like helping students raise their grades, have better health, lower stress, and have better communication skills. All of the things we learn in outside experiences help us when we leave for college. This is why it is important to not be afraid of having outside experiences.