Another Degree Down – Bill Cosby’s Degree from Yale Rescinded


Arvind Pillai, Staff Writer

Recently, Yale University made a decision to rescind comedian Bill Cosby’s honorary degree. This decision is due to the 80-year old comedian’s falling out of grace due to allegations of sexual harassment pressed against him. Cosby pleaded guilty to all three accusations, and while he is currently held under bail, he is facing up to 10 years for each count – over 30 years in prison. To most people, 30 years in prison is a large chunk of time, but to Cosby, this would most likely be a life sentence given his age.

While the #MeToo movement has put the nail in the coffin for Cosby’s reputation, other universities were taking smaller actions against him before the sexual harassment cases became mainstream. Some of these cases date all the way back to the 1960’s, but some of them are also very recent.

Yale publicly made a statement about the removal of Cosby’s degree, saying, “Yale is committed to both the elimination of sexual misconduct and the adherence to due process. We reaffirm that commitment with our action today.” While Yale is only one university in a long line of prestigious names to rescind an honorary degree from Cosby, this is also the first time in Yale’s history that such a degree has been rescinded. In an era where famous men are now being called out for sexual harassment, and where women from all around America are standing up, this is a step in the right direction. Even Yale, which has never taken a degree away before from a graduate, is breaking its silence to stand alongside victims of sexual harassment.