Beer Bongs and Bentleys

Domenic Garofalo, Staff Writer

On April 27th, 2018, Post Malone released his second studio album which is becoming one of the most played albums of 2018. Every single song gives new light to Post Malone’s abilities to create new and interesting music, at least one song is sure to resonate with everyone who listens. From rapping to slow songs, Post Malone has an array of songs available on this eighteen-song album. The album starts with the song, “Paranoid,” which is a slower song that has a weird upbeat as well as a  happy beat in the background. It seems confusing when explaining it, but these opposites work together very effectively. The album then goes to “Spoil My Night” and “Rich & Sad,” which use the normal rap background beats, which reminds me of Lil Uzi Vert’s newer songs, and have some sort of message behind the words. “Spoil My Night” seems to be Post seeing a girl from the club that he wants to hang out with, and “Rich & Sad” is about the aftermath of this relationship which he thought was all about his money until she left him. While none of us know exactly what Post Malone was thinking about while writing these songs, it is interesting to see how artists choose the order of their songs. Some of the other amazing hit songs that have been released on the album include “Psycho” featuring Ty Dolla $ign, which was released prior to the album, but is still one of the hit songs since the album’s release. Other songs that have been successful are “Ball For Me” featuring Nicki Minaj, “92 Explorer,” and another previous single, “Candy Paint.” All these songs show the true lyrical genius that is within Post Malone as well as the effort he puts into each song is represented very vividly in his songs. I encourage everyone to make time to listen to the album because I am sure you will not be disappointed.