Batter Up

Genesis Galdamez, Editor

Often at Pingree, people believe that Varsity teams are just for upper-classmen. However, that isn’t always the case. I decided to interview Megan Onello ‘21, a freshman here at Pingree to see how she viewed being on the varsity softball team as a freshman. Some of the schools that Varsity Softball has played against this year are Beaver, Portsmouth Abbey, Windsor, Berwick, and others.

According to Megan, everyone on Varsity Softball is inclusive. When I asked Megan about why she was interested in being on the team in the first place, she told me “They’re inclusive. The other students are very nice to the freshman even if we are underclassmen. They all support you at the field.” She was influenced by her family who loved playing baseball and softball. The team has won and lost some games this season. Megan told me, that by winning, “I’ve been able to progress my batting skills. Also, even if we don’t win it is still fun playing.” Megan also  told me about what she thought about losing: “It doesn’t really matter if you lose. Losing isn’t our main concern. It’s more about supporting each other, and being part of a team.” This is an example of sportsmanship here at Pingree. Although people don’t like losing, losing in a sport here at Pingree is a learning experience.

This is only the opinion of one freshman for one sport that is offered here at Pingree. At Pingree, there are many kinds of sports that students can choose from. There is swimming, basketball, tennis, soccer, etc. Do not be afraid to sign up for a sport. You may think that it could be a lot of work, or it may be very boring. Maybe it is the fear of competitiveness. Maybe you’re scared to be an underclassmen on a team of seniors. However, here at Pingree, everyone is respectful of each other. Joining a team at any level is a great way to get to know other students and have fun!