Modern Art- Trash, Trick, or Treasure

Domenic Garofalo, Editor

On May 7, 2018, the 70th anniversary of the Met Gala took place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City with the costume theme of “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” This has obviously caused some backlash, but we will talk about that later in the piece. The Met Gala brings in celebrities from all over the world to this event to help raise money for the museum. There were some amazing outfits, but also some duds as well. Here are some of the best, and worst, dressed at the Met Gala.

First off, Bella Hadid looked stunning in a black latex top and  a black chiffon with a black train that also had a gold chain weaved throughout it. The outfit was made by Chrome Hearts Official and was considered to be one of the best dresses of the night. Her gold accent crown, Holy Cross necklace, and black with gold accent gloves complete the outfit and make it a classy yet unique dress.

Next on the list is a must-talk-about outfit that has caused some controversy: Rihanna’s dress representative of the Pope. Some people found it offensive to the Pope’s divinity and that no one should try to represent the Pope by wearing such an outfit, but the majority of people, including the Pope himself, believed that the outfit was very beautiful. Rihanna was rocking a Maison Margiela that was specifically customized, Christian Louboutins, and Maria Tash, Cartier and Konstantino jewelry with a Couture clutch. The outfit was decked out in white, gray, and black gems and really speaks to Rihanna desiring to be nontraditional. Rihanna looked stunning and blew the minds away of many people, and even with the backlash, she was still one of the best dressed.

The Migos were also some of the best dressed at the Met Gala, all rocking Versace suits that resembled paintings and sculpture from the Roman Catholic times. The Migos’ suits were not like any other suit to make an appearance at the Met Gala, since they were full of color and very nontraditional, but again very classy.

Lena Waithe took another path while getting dressed for the Met Gala. Instead of the normal route of trying to find a dress or suit that matches the Catholic theme, Waithe took an opportunity to make a social standing. Waithe rocked a gay pride flag suit that resembled a cape. The suit was done by Carolina Herrera and was very stunning while simultaneously making a stand against the anti-gay beliefs of the Roman Catholic church. When asked about her cape, Waithe responded with, “In my Emmy speech, you know, I mentioned putting on imaginary capes. Tonight this cape is not imaginary, and it’s rainbow colored, and we got the black and brown. I’m reppin’ my community, and I want everybody to know that you can be whoever you are, and be completely proud, and be doin’ it.” Many celebrities have applauded Waithe’s visual statement, and she definitely deserves one of the best-dressed.

Lastly, Nicki Minaj was also one of the best dressed at the Met as she rocked a red Oscar de la Renta gown with a veil made of jewels. Nicki wanted to wear the dress to represent her home state of New York. She also wanted to play a more sinful side to the theme of the Met Gala this year, which helped make her decision in her stunning and elegant gown.

Now it is time to talk about two of the worst dressed at the Met Gala. First, Shailene Woodley’s outfit was very awkward. The outfit seemed like a mix of a puffy jacket and a metal can. It seemed really flimsy and also seemed very cheap. The outfit looked like it was purchased at a costume store, and it overall just a really weird piece.

Lastly, Katy Perry’s outfit was…interesting. It almost seemed like she was coming as a bald eagle and not an angel. Just like Shailene Woodley, the outfit was tacky and did not really meet the standards. Her boots seemed to be made out of plastic, and the gold chainmail that was on top of her top was also kind of weird, and she looked like more of a knight with wings or a bald eagle than an angel.

Overall, the outfits at the Met Gala were a range of traditionalism to non-traditionalism, and even though there were a few outfits that seemed to be less than worthy of making an appearance at the Met, everybody showed up with great confidence and beauty.