Limitless Review

Anna Landgren, Contributor

Have you ever been in between Netflix binges and needed a quick break in sob stories? Have you ever felt intellectually bored? Do you ever feel like all of the TV series you watch are boring and have the same plot line? If you answered yes to any of those questions, look no further than the CBS short series Limitless. Based on the movie, which starred the TV series’ producer Bradley Cooper, this show follows a man named Brian Finch. The series is set in New York City. FBI unit  Brian went through the first twenty five years of his life as a run of the muck kind of guy, but one day he was introduced to this new drug called NZT which allowed him access every neuron in his entire brain. Every memory, person, and fact he had ever known was accessible at all times, making whoever who takes the drug the smartest person in the world. But, there’s a catch-because there is always a catch- that the drug only lasts 12 hours and has detrimental side effects. The only thing allowing him to avoid these side effects was if he were to cooperate with a senator to help sell out the inner workings of the FBI. Following Brian Finch in his journey through numerous, and seemingly impossible cases, along with his sidekick Special Agent Rebecca Harris is sure to entice that need to binge watch TV for hours on end. This crime filled plot definitely grabs your attention, often leaving you dumbfounded and impressed. If you love highly addictive shows that grab your attention using humor, intellect, action and adventure, this is the show for you. I recommend grabbing a box of tissues and a bag of popcorn and spending your next long weekend watching this amazing show. Get ready to be blown away.