Ways to stay organized for finals

Anna Sandt, Editor

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As the end of the year and final exams approach, studying can become tedious. Here are a few ways to study for finals and stay organized throughout the whole process. For final exams, the earlier you start to study, the better. To study for final exams, I suggest you start by making study guides, and completing any review packet your teachers may give you. By completing the review packet it will show what and how much you understand, as well as areas you need to work more on. When making a study guide, handwriting can be beneficial to memorization, but if you use Google Docs, the study guide can be collaborative, which can also be helpful for any questions you may have. Use colorful markers and highlighters to make important facts or overarching themes stand out. While working together online is helpful, it’s also beneficial to study as a group in person. Spending half an hour before or after school as a group, or even as a class, to review material can make the studying process collaborative and very helpful. As finals approach, Quizlet is a great resource as well as flashcards to help you learn formulas, important persons, keywords, etc. The test and learn modes quiz and help you learn the material the best. If you are struggling to understand a concept, try explaining it to either a sibling, parent, or even a pet. Explaining the information will help you see you exactly how much you understand.

Reading Day is also an extremely helpful resource to have any last minute questions answered. On Reading Day, make sure to have planned out times to go to each of your teacher’s review sessions. If two or more review sessions overlap, attend parts of all of them, and if you need more time, try to meet with your teacher before Reading Day to review. Make sure you come to Reading Day with questions that need to be answered and something to take notes with.  

The night before the final, studying a bit can be beneficial, but cramming at the last minute can be unhelpful as it can bring on stress as well as decrease test scores. Getting a good night’s sleep is much better than studying last minute. Eating foods the day of or before the exam like avocados, blueberries, dark chocolate, salmon, celery, broccoli, and coconut oil have all been to proven to help with memory and focus.

As finals are right around the corner, remember to take a deep breath, and good luck!