Colette Combs and Katie Doherty, Editors

Spring is in the air at Pingree, which can only means one thing: promposal season! Promposal season is always anxiously awaited at Pingree. After the first brave student promposes, a wave of participants follow. The typical promposal typically consists of a small gift and a poster with some kind of pun specific to the interests of the two parties involved. For example, if you were to prompose to someone who shares your love for donuts, than you might give them a box of donuts from their favorite bakery and surprise them with a poster that says “I donut want to go with anyone else. Prom?” This tradition of promposing is not exclusive to Pingree, and is popular across the nation. During this season at Pingree, it is not uncommon to hear a sudden eruption of applause during breaks or an H block as students celebrate the latest promposal. Anxiety is in the air as juniors and seniors wonder whether or not they will be asked to prom.

So, what makes a good promposal? First, the proposal topic should be personal. The worst is when it’s obvious that the proposer just Googled “promposals” and went with the first search result. Effort and thought must be evident. It’s important to be original. It’s also good to know the comfort level of the person you are promposing to. Some people may like being the center of attention of the entire school, while others may prefer a more private promposal. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want your promposal to be well received and memorable. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend an exorbitant amount of money; it just means that you should put some serious thought and effort in.   

This year, the community was so enthusiastic about promposal season, that an Instagram account was created to document each proposal. The account, @pingree_promposals, has 187 followers as of 5/7/18 and 26 posts, each featuring a different promposal. The first promposal featured on the page comes from Miles Burr 18’ and Maiaa Dadhich’ 18. Not only did Miles prompose, but he did it on the couple’s two year anniversary. Their promposal was a scavenger hunt that involved all of Maiaa’s close friends and all of the hints lead her towards special spots that meant something to the couple. Maiaa said she “was surprised by the promposal both when it was happening and what the idea was.” It took Miles about a week to come up with the idea and get everyone involved. It took Maiaa 45 minutes to complete the scavenger hunt. Miles and Maiaa’s promposal definitely set the bar for most thoughtful promposal!

Another unique promposal came from Drew Kushnir ‘18 to Katelyn Masse ‘18. Drew hid ping pong balls in Katelyn’s locker with some saying “Prom?” in silver sharpie. When she opened the lockers, they all spilled out, then Drew appeared with a creative sign. The poster said “Ping Pong, How About Ping Prom?” The picture was later uploaded to the Pingree promposal Instagram account with the caption “a mean~(p)ing~ful promposal.” Katelyn, like Maiaa, also said she “had no idea that it was about to happen or what the idea was,” but knew that the promposal was coming soon. Cute and original, with a hint of humor, Drew and Katelyn’s promposal was a success!

As the season winds down, we can reflect on the numerous wonderful promposals that have flooded the Pingree community. It is safe to say that this season has been one of the best. To all those attending, have fun at prom!