Pingreen House


Isabelle Job

Did you know that Pingree has its own greenhouse on campus? Before last year, the greenhouse was not used for much more than a few student projects, and its existence was unknown to most of the Pingree Community. After the discovery of the greenhouse, The Pingree Community Garden Club made its mark by refurbishing and restoring it to be a space where beautiful and organic vegetables, herbs, and flowers are grown.

The Pingree Community Garden Club is a student led club, that cares for a large garden in the greenhouse compiled in various raised beds. The club has successfully grown radishes, beets, kale, mixed greens, spinach, snow peas, arugula, tomatoes, and a variety of mixed flowers. All of the vegetables and plants grown in the greenhouse are donated to the Acord Food Pantry, in Hamilton, Massachusetts. When the food arrives at the Food Pantry, clients are able to choose from a variety of foods provided by the pantry, as well as the fresh produce from The Pingree Community Garden.

Along with growing a variety of fresh foods, the club has also hosted many successful events. Last year for a Mother’s Day fundraiser, Pingree Community Garden sold potted tomato and pansy plants to students and faculty for gifting at Mother’s Day. After a full day of sales and immense community involvement, the club raised over 800 dollars, all of which was donated to the Acord Food Pantry. The money donated to the food pantry was used for the cost of food, maintenance, and volunteers in order to enhance the experience of its various clients.

Along with the fundraiser, Pingree Community Garden hosted a school-wide open house, where students could come visit the greenhouse during their advisory periods. When the students arrived, they learned about the plants growing in the greenhouse, and also helped to harvest spinach, kale, radishes, and mixed greens, all of which were donated to the Acord Food Pantry.

This upcoming school year, Pingree Community Garden has plans to continue growing a variety of plants and will be adding some new additions such as turnips, cabbage, carrots, and squash. The club will also be starting a medicinal garden in the greenhouse, which will consist of a single bed dedicated to growing plants that are found in modern medicine. Some of these plants will include chamomile, sage, echinacea, and calendula.

Pingree Community Garden strives to educate our community about healthy eating and living, all the while serving our community at Pingree and abroad for the greater good. We hope through participating in planting seeds, harvesting vegetables, and serving people in need, the Pingree Community Garden can help people open their eyes to the power of healthy foods, and see the physical and mental impact it has on the world at large.