A Treacherous Journey


Cole Ablow

Recently, the Honduran migrant caravan has been making national headlines. So, what is the migrant caravan? The migrant caravan is a large group of migrants from Honduras who are walking to the US border and intend to seek political asylum. This has fueled controversy throughout our country. President Trump has been very clear that they are not to be allowed into the country; however, many, mostly Democratic politicians, have shown support for the migrants and would like to see them be allowed into the US. Although this issue seems to be one regarding human rights, in reality it is about whether we will keep our immigration system and maintain national security or not.  In the words of our President, the Honduran migrant caravan should “turn around” (Donald Trump).

The Honduran migrant caravan has an estimated 7,000 Hondurans seeking to live and work in the US. They claim that they are walking to the US border in order to escape the mass poverty, gang violence, and most recently, drought in Honduras. The US is understanding of individuals who live in poorly led nations and does grant political asylum to people who deserve it. However, the Honduran migrant caravan has yet to show valid reasons for being granted political asylum in our country.

I believe legitimate immigration, by definition, requires the “consent of the host country.”  Otherwise, a caravan really does seem like an invading force. Multiple times President Trump has expressed his decision to not allow the Honduran migrants into the country. So, the way I see it,  this caravan will be an illegal effort once it reaches the border and tries to cross without permission.

President Trump, with the support of General James Mattis, has responded to the caravan by sending US troops to the border. Many have criticized the President for this tough stance.  But I agree with the President that “a country without borders is not a country at all” and that our borders must be enforced in the face of thousands of people refusing to stop at them, even if it takes military involvement.

I feel badly for all the people who are making the treacherous journey to our southern border. But, even though these people are in a difficult and complex situation, it is not logical to grant them entry to our country when they are demanding it and not asking permission.  That would be like erasing our own borders and no longer meeting the definition of a nation.