Playoff Predictions

Julia Landman, Staff Writer

The college football playoffs approaching, and tensions are high as we wait to see which four teams will have the honor of playing in this year’s competitions. The four spots appear to be pretty fluid, so there’s just one question left: who will it be?

In the fourth seed, I have Texas. When looking at Texas as a contender for the playoffs, you may be quick to say, “but what about the Maryland loss?” This loss to a low ranked team may seem to be a red flag, but I would counter by saying that it was the first game of the season and it should be looked past at this point. In fact, Texas made up for this by winning a huge game against Oklahoma, a giant in college football. Texas shut down the Sooners’ offense. They kept them to around forty points, which is good considering how high Oklahoma is normally scoring; not to mention the Longhorn’s offense, which brought in touchdown after touchdown, bringing them close to fifty points. This win shows that this team is capable of bringing down top ranked teams, and deserves the number four spot.

The number three spot is going to LSU. You can not just ignore Louisiana State’s record this season. They brought down huge teams such as Miami, Georgia, and most recently, Mississippi State, so it would be a crime to not consider them for a spot in this year’s playoffs. You cannot forget about their incredible defense, who have been lights-out as of late; they have been shutting down offense after offense. They have the ability to carry the football, and keep back the opposing teams, no matter how intimidating they may seem. They are playing playoff caliber football, and they should secure the third spot.

Number two should go to Clemson. Their offensive line has incredible strength, with Trevor Lawrence, a true freshman, leading them. Their run game is unparalleled, and has carried them through the season up until their game against NC State. They went into their game against North Carolina State on October 20 ready to throw the ball, and that’s what they did- thirty-nine times, amassing forty-one points. NC State is known to have a good defensive game, and Clemson made them look like little boys in their match. The Tigers can run and pass incredibly well, a scary thing to see on defense against them. Clemson is a sure shot for the second spot in this year’s college football playoffs.

Number one: Alabama. This should come as no shock to anyone. They have made every team that has challenged themso far look like a middle school team. They dominate game after game, and this undefeated season is no exception. They have never had a losing season. The Alabama State Crimson Tide is easily the best team in college football, season after season, year after year. They dominate most who step on their field. An intimidating team to say the least; their defense is a wall, and their offensive line cannot be stopped. However, Clemson and LSU have show that they may be able to challenge them. Undefeated this season, with sights set on winning the playoffs, the Crimson Tide will be a force to be reckoned with in this year’s playoffs.

The playoffs are coming, and many contenders are vying for those four places to be able to compete. Besides for these four, their are other worthy contenders, such as Notre Dame, a gritty team with a strong offensive line, Georgia, Michigan, Oklahoma State, and many others. This will be a close race.