Simone Allen is doing something cool

Isabella Molloy, Editor

Pingree’s own Simone Allen ’20 has recently became involved with an outside of school program in Newburyport MA called The Gulf of Maine Institute, or GOMI. GOMI is run by two men, John Halloran and John Terrier, and works with teachers, students, and researchers to educate and spread knowledge about environmental issues and to create public forums to engage communities in conversations that open doors to awareness and action.

Each month Allen attends a meeting where about 15 kids come together to discuss what each of them has done over the past month such as short term or long term projects in places such as environmental clubs or around school. Currently Allen is working on two projects. One project she is involved in is building a rain garden that optimizes water fall and recycles it. Another is teaching kids about how their smartphones can be maximised to take pictures of the marsh in Newburyport MA and encouraging people to interact with it, mainly to preserve its beauty.

Alongside GOMI is a partner group run by Shari Melto. Melto introduces her group to photographers, runs climate cafes, and hosts weekly meetings at her house to discuss mini projects. Climate cafes, which take place one to two times a month, are held at a refuge in Newburyport, Ipswich, or local community centers where those part of GOMI practice public speaking by addressing current issues. Allen is a host at these climate cafes. She manages groups, promotes discussions, and answers questions. Allen led a discussion in which her group discussed why extreme weather affects the United States the most and what the best options are to help each other in these conditions.

Allen says that GOMI has been an amazing program to be a part of to disperse knowledge, share stories, and practice real life skills while also working on environmental issues in our community. She says she enjoys coming together every month with a group of people and working on projects to help the environment. Allen is excited to say that GOMI has opened up other opportunities for her because she met people through the program. She recently secured an internship through a woman who came to a GOMI meeting for this coming summer to work at a research facility called C-10. C-1o will allow her to be interconnected with environmental sciences, which she has not had much of a chance to be at Pingree, meet scientists, conduct research, and learn how to work in that specific environment.