Borderline Madness

Kaleb Habtegebriel, Guest Writer

Since the beginning of Trump’s presidential campaign, his stance on immigration policies and the Mexican-US border has been clear. Just recently, he suggested deploying more military troops in the Southern borders. The controversy over the use of military force by the Trump Administration to combat the immigration issues has been widely debated.

Republicans justify Trump’s actions by stating that other presidents in history who have deployed military troops along the border. Democrats on the other hand argue against the necessity of troops but in other much needed situations and say it is a waste of federal resources.

The sudden deployment of troops along the Southern Mexican border earlier in the year right before mid-elections questions Trump’s judgement and intent in his actions. But now that mid-elections are over and with the dramatic change in legislation, what is Trump’s agenda in deploying even more troops? Is this another political tactic to gain more supporters for a possible re-election in 2020 or is it to test the Democrats and their continued disapproval of his administration, rightfully so?

Whatever the reason is, the deployment of more troops is something that will affect the lives of many Mexican immigrants along the border. What Trump considers ¨a little rough¨ is evidently an overstatement and has shown multiple times in history and in his administration to not only be ineffective but dehumanizing.