Planting the Seeds of Sustainability

Isabelle Job, Guest Writer

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and beautiful flowers are peaking out of the ground. With the spring season amongst us, the Pingree Community Garden Club has been working hard planting an array of new spring flowers and vegetables, and planning for a busy Spring with a multitude of events. On Monday, April 22nd, there was a Community Garden Open House during breaks in the Greenhouse when all members of the Pingree Community are welcome to visit the greenhouse and see all of the amazing plants we have been growing these past months. For every visitor that visits the greenhouse, a point will be awarded to their house team. Thanks to all for helping us harvest, sampling our vegetables, and enjoying some of our Open House refreshments! Later on in May, the Community Garden Club will be hosting our second annual Mother’s Day Fundraiser. The fundraiser will take place on Thursday, May 9th, and all proceeds will go to the Acord Food Pantry in Hamilton, MA. The club will be selling potted tomato, zinnia, and pansy plants for gifting at Mother’s Day. The cost, again this year, will be $5.00 per potted plant.  Last year the fundraiser was incredibly successful, raising a total of $870! Thank you so much to those who participated last year, and we hope you will participate this year as well!

If you are preparing a garden for the spring and summer months, listed below are some gardening tips for a successful and beautiful garden!

Spring Gardening Tips:

  • Start your tomatoes early in a warm environment. To speed up germination use a mat heater.
  • Start seeds in pots inside, later on in the warmer months, transfer them into the ground.
  • Perfect spring and summer plants to grow: peppers, sunflowers, basil, eggplant, squash, carrots, cucumbers, beets, and mixed flowers. All of these will be growing in and around the greenhouse this spring and summer!
  • Water your plants enough so the soil is continually moist. This will ensure your plants a healthy growing environment where they will flourish!
  • Statistics have shown that the monarch butterfly population is depleting. In order to help the butterflies, grow milkweed in your garden! We will be growing this in the greenhouse this spring!