A Night of Kneeslappers

Lily Connors

Comedy night was full of quick wit, excellent improvised and pre-written skits and videos, and sharp jokes at Mr. Williamson’s expense. The two videos, starring Katy Hylton and Shannon Conte had surprise guests, who, much like Ms. Karsch, were very confused as to what was going on. The very vague and often confusing “rules” of LARK were exploited for a number of hilarious jokes. Katy Hylton’s video, in which she embodied the LARK police, was well edited, using slow motion and parkour to emphasize the ambiguity surrounding LARK.

Connor Whalen and Robby Carpentier’s news segment, set much like the SNL weekend update, made a number of satirical comments on the world outside of Pingree. Unfortunately, Robby’s Endgame spoiler did not bode well for the duo, earning them a number of loud boos from the audience. I found Robby’s joke about Elizabeth Warren’s dubious ancestry to be poignant, and Connor’s response regarding how taboo it was for Pingree to make a, “non left-leaning joke” spot-on. Demi Wack’s impression of Ms. O’Neill was quite accurate, and if you ask me, a true knee-slapper. Demi stayed in character while taking on the voice and mannerisms and Ms. Oneill, and her outbursts aimed at Amogh very similar to those I have heard while spending time in the Quiet Library. During morning meeting the next day, I thought about a joke Connor and Robbie made about the houses when Mr. Williamson announced that Garnet and Amethyst were contending for the top spot, leaving the other houses too far back to gain enough points to win. Connor and Robbie were right when they commented that the rest of the school no longer cares about the house points now that victory was in the hands of only two houses. As an Emerald member myself, I can’t say I was paying much attention during the announcement.

The animoji portrayals of a few unmistakable teachers were also dead-on. The contrast between the absurdity of an animated Mr. Williamson and his very serious announcement about the results of a recent discipline committee was greatly entertaining. Ms. Nic was also featured, greeting the audience as her little daffodils. Ms. Tlagae also appeared, yelling at all of us to stop talking and put our phones away. I got a wave of nostalgia, remembering freshman and sophomore year in which her loud voice would keep us in line during those early morning meetings. Mr. Medvitz reminded us of the importance of LARK, although, much like his usual announcements, he had a number of long pauses and spent a considerable amount of time looking around.

The night also included the infamous three room game as well as scenes suggested from the audience, and a prop game, in which the performers had to use props for a reason other than they were intended. The night ended all too soon, wrapping up with a song dedicated to the genius of Scholarsonboard. The jokes were well-thought out and obviously thoroughly rehearsed, making the show continuously engaging and funny. The confidence and wit of the performers kept the audience involved and excited to see what was next. I look forward to going to further shows in the future.