Dom Screams for Ice Cream

Dom Garofalo

Over the past few weeks, Colette Combs ‘19 and I have reviewed local ice cream shops as well as the ice cream available at larger chain restaurants. We discovered local favorites such as Down River Ice Cream, located in Ipswich, and White Farms Ice Cream, located in Ipswich as well. And during my free time, I went to Wendy’s and McDonald’s to remind myself of their delicious ice cream concoctions. For those who need a reminder, McDonald’s is famous for their McFlurries and Wendy’s is known for their Frosties. During my ice cream excursions, I rated each of these ice creams out of five stars.

During our trip to Down River, we were not very impressed. We first attempted to go get ice cream there on a Monday, and to our demise, Down River is specifically not open on Mondays. So the next day, we went back to try some of their amazing flavors, but that is where the problem began. The flavors we wanted to try, like Phyrexian Peanut Butter Corruption and Kung Fu Grasshopper, were sadly not in stock. We ended up just trying the basic Olivia’s Chocolate Dream which is just the basic chocolate flavor. However, this basic chocolate flavor was extremely delicious and did not disappoint. The flavor reminded me of a mix of hot chocolate and fudge and it melted so perfectly and had a perfect consistency. I would have given this ice cream five stars, but because of the entire disaster of actually getting to try a flavor of ice cream, I would give this ice cream three and a half stars.

The next trip that we took was to White Farms Ice Cream. Our experience there was a lot better than our experience at Down River. The line moved quickly, and they even had tip jars out with each college that the students working there were attending to encourage tipping. At this location, I wanted to get something that would resemble more of the McFlurry and Frosty, so I decided to get a soft serve in a chocolate and vanilla swirl. The soft serve was just like any other soft serve: delicious but very messy. It is kind of hard to eat soft serve ice cream because the ice cream just melts so quickly. However, the flavor of the ice cream was good and it was an overall enjoyable and decent experience. In regard to the messiness and mediocrity, I would give this ice cream a solid three stars.

I then visited McDonald’s to try––well, try again––a McFlurry. I opted for both Oreo’s and M&M’s in my McFlurry for the best experience possible. The ice cream alone is amazing but the mix just steps the flavor up so much. The only complaint is that the toppings were not mixed enough, so I had to try to mix it but it just went everywhere instead. I also got a little bit of a brain freeze, but that is not much of a complaint but more of an aggravation caused by my own rush. I gave this ice cream four stars, but the only reason that it was able to get that high is due to its toppings.

The last place that I visited was Wendy’s. I personally love their Frosty, but I had to put bias aside for the sake of science. I opted for the chocolate Frosty and pulled over into their parking lot to scoop my first bite. What I think is the best thing about Wendy’s Frosties is its consistency that is between ice cream and a frappe. It is never hard to scoop and you can almost drink it if you let it sit for a few minutes. The flavor is okay, and I may have hyped it up in my mind after trying it in an analytical setting. Overall, I would give the Wendy’s Frosty a two and a half stars due to the fact that I feel it needs something else––like a topping or something.

What my ice cream experience has taught me is that all ice cream is good ice cream, but just some are better than others. At the end of the day, it does not matter if you get ice cream from a local shop or from a chain restaurant because you will have an enjoyable experience no matter what.