What I Ate Today?

Lydia Umholtz, Blogger

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Breakfast: Tofu Scramble


Snack: Maple Cayenne Kale Chips



  • A fresh bunch of kale (it’s a lot of kale.. Filled up 3 cookie sheets) – $1.69
  • 1tsp of melted coconut oil per pan fun – $0.25
  • Whatever else you want to use! I used some light maple syrup (about ½ tbs per pan), smoked salt with cayenne and cinnamon. Sesame or chia seeds also are a favorite. See, you have a snack for under $2… doritos at Walmart are $3. Simultaneously your more basic hipster is walking into their local urban outfitters and paying $7 for their daily kale chips. The snack food industrial complex can’t beet good old fresh produce. Kale is in season June through November, so it’ll be a great cheap and sustainable summer food. Additionally, they bake at a low temp of 275 so I’m hoping to get the whole solar over thing set up for June.