Did History Really Happen?: Consulting with the Thursdayism Theorists

Michaela Murdock, Photo Editor

December 17, 2015

Did the past really happen? Not only did it not happen in the way that our history books would have us remember it, but as a whole did it happen at all? Last Thursdayism is the belief that the universe was created with every...

Bring More Food Options for After School

Sarah McGratn, Opinions Editor

December 17, 2015

The Pingree food afterschool program has been a widely debated topic for a long time.  This year the Student Council has decided to take action and find a reasonable solution to all the requests that have been made for snack items ...

Defend Future Safety, Reject Nuclear Deal

Hannah Wilson, News Editor

December 17, 2015

Supporters of the Iran Nuclear Deal insinuate that the deal is the United States saving ourselves and the world from nuclear terrorism, claiming that it will provide us with a role in Iranian politics and economy that will pro...

Defend Diplomacy, Support Nuclear Deal

Hanna Stasiuk, Columnist

December 17, 2015

On July 14, the United States reached an agreement with Iran, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, and France to reduce international economic and oil sanctions against Iran in exchange for Iran halting its pursuit of nuclear weapo...

In Defense of Kim

Rachel Novack, Editor-In-Chief

December 17, 2015

They are referred to as America’s royal family, and their presence is almost inescapable at this point. From apps to hair extensions the Kardashian-Jenner family have created an entire empire out of themselves. Their net ...

A Pointed Jab at Steve Jobs: An Apple Pencil

Michaela Murdock, Staff Writer

December 17, 2015

As if your new iPad was not expensive enough, Apple has released their newest device, the Apple Pencil. The idea to release a stylus with the iPad is one that has been anticipated since the release of the original iPad in 2010....